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How it works?

Cost effective shipping from the UK to Russia and 11 other countries

Our company offers ground shipping from the UK to Russia and a further 11 countries.

You pay only for the actual weight

We do not charge for volumetric weight, you will only pay for the actual weight of the parcel. Why pay more!

The lowest prices on the market

We work with both private and business customers.

If you are business owner:

We do not just deliver parcels from the UK to Russia, we also work with our clients from Russia who purchase goods from British stores. This will therefor help the British economy. So not only are we helping our Russian clients to purchase the goods they desire but we are also helping your stores sell products.

If you are a seller in the UK then why not recommend our Russian website www.alfaparcel.com to your Russian clients, that way we can then help your clients to buy the goods from your site and also offer them the cheapest shipping from the UK.

The address of our warehouse has changed