How It Works
Weight (Kg)
Length (Cm)
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Height (Cm)
This service offers parcels delivery from
the UK to Russia. Delivery time is up to
4 weeks however it depends on the Russian
Customs. Normally, most of the parcels
are delivered within 2 – 3 weeks.
Once a parcel has been received
in the territory of the Russian Federation
then the Russian Post is responsible
for delivery.
Each parcel has its own unique
international tracking number that
you can use to monitor the delivery
Once it has been received and
registered in Russia you can
Track a parcel here
The 'Russian post' forwards a parcel
into a local post office where an addressee
needs to collect it with an ID. Please always
provide a recipient with a tracking number.
We strongly recommend monitoring a parcel
regularly on the Russian Post website. Storage
time at a post office is limited to 30 days.
Please note: Once a parcel has been
dispatched from our UK warehouse it is
NOT possible to return it back to a sender
in the UK. In case of a parcel return due
to non-collection/parcel rejection it will be
delivered to the Russian Post branch in Berlin,
Germany. Should a parcel be returned,
2 options will be available: re-sending to
Russia again or disposal. All expenses related
with both options are
a sender's responsibility.
Collection Times
Parcels’ collection is carried out from
Monday to Friday between 9AM – 6 PM.
All parcels must be packed (in a proper well sealed box)
and be ready for collection, otherwise the driver has the right to refuse it.

With plenty of experience, we strongly recommend using
double wall boxes and leaving as little empty space between
contents and box walls as possible by adding additional packing
materials if needed or adjusting a box size to match the actual
dimensions of your contents.
Weight And Dimensions
parcel weight is
length is
Recommended parcel 3 sides sum is up to
Please, note! If parcel dimensions total sum exceeds 155cm the additional charges for P2Go drop off or
collection labels may occur in addition to label cost added during a parcel booking.

Any weight or dimensions discrepancy in your booking shall be charged with an additional fee of £10.
If a parcel length exceeds the allowable 120 cm, it is possible to deliver such a parcel with a fee of £20.
Excluded postcodes for collection:
Excluded postcodes for collection:
Northern Ireland, Channel Isles and
the following post codes - IM, HS, ZE
Insurance claims
£50 compensation against loss is included
in the quoted prices (per parcel).
Upon a client’s request, parcel may be
additionally insured against loss with
a maximum amount of compensation
between 50 GBP to 600 GBP.
Note! Collection/drop off courier labels that
we provide for a parcel delivery to our UK
warehouse have no loss or damage insurance.
It can be insured upon a client’s request.
Please take a look at all items that are
prohibited from being imported to the
Russian Federation, all of these items
will be excluded from any kind of compensation:
The list of prohibited items for import to the territory of the Russian Federation.
Please read
Parcel cancellation

A parcel shipment can be cancelled only before the dispatch. A parcel cannot be returned to a Sender by any means after the dispatch.

A refund is processed under the following conditions:

- If a parcel is self-delivered the full refund is made;

- If a parcel is booked with collection/drop off label the refund is made exclusive of the label cost (except it is not used).

If you opt for a parcel to be returned to you with a courier service then you will be liable to arrange the return of your parcel yourselves or we can do this on your behalf. If the latter is preferred the cost of the label will be deducted from your refund.