Economy Parcel Delivery
10 KG
for only
Weight (Kg)
Length (Cm)
Width (Cm)
Height (Cm)
Cost-efficient shipping
from The UK
You pay only for
the actual weight
The lowest price
in the market
The advantages of using our service:
We have the lowest prices for shipping parcels from the UK. Our rates start from sending a parcel within 5kg and strictly up to 20kg.
A unique tracking number is assigned to each parcel and can be used to track the progress of the shipment.
Although we do not offer express delivery, we provide our customers with the cheapest by land delivery.
We deliver to both business and private addresses.
You only pay for the actual parcel weight. Unlike any other shipping service in the UK we do not charge by the volumetric weight system.
We deliver your parcels.
Cheapest parcel delivery
from UK
Alfaparcel Ltd has been specialising in export and freight delivery
from the UK for over 10 years. We offer the lowest shipment prices
and work with both individuals in the UK who want
to send parcels over and with online retailers in the UK
who are looking for the cheapest way to ship their goods over to their clients.
If you are a business owner
We do not simply deliver parcels from the UK we also work with
our clients who purchase goods from British stores. This is a mutual
benefit for both sides of a purchase. So not only we help our clients
to purchase the goods they desire but assist British stores to sell products and thrive.
If you are a seller in the UK you can recommend the services
of our website to your customers
so that you would extend your business target market while helping your customers
save money on the cheapest shipping we can offer from the UK.
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