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  • 0kg - 5kg ..... £ 28.13
  • 10kg - 5kg ..... £ 28.13
  • 20kg - 5kg ..... £ 28.13
  • 30kg - 5kg ..... £ 28.13
10 KG
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Our company, Alfaparcel Ltd, has been specialising in the export and delivery of parcels sent from the UK to Russia for over 12 years. We offer the cheapest prices around for postage from the UK to Russia. We work with both private senders in the UK who want to send parcels over to Russia, and also with online retailers in the UK, who are looking for the cheapest way to ship their parcels to their clients in Russia.


The advantages of using our service are:

  • We have the cheapest prices around for shipping parcels from the UK to Russia. Our prices start as little as £28.13 for sending a parcel up to the weight of 5kg, and you can send a parcel that weighs up to 10kg for only £37.99. 
  • Each parcel will be assigned to a unique tracking number which can be used to track the progress of the parcels delivery on the Russian Post website.

  • We do not offer express delivery, however, we can offer our customers the cheapest surface delivery price.

  • Not only do we deliver to business addresses in Russia but we also deliver to individual private addresses.

  • Unlike any other shipping services in the UK, we do not charge by the volumetric weight, you will only be paying for the actual weight of the parcel that you send.
  • We can deliver parcels to anywhere in Russia.



We do not just deliver parcels from the UK to Russia, we also work with our clients from Russia who purchase goods from British stores. This will therefore help the British economy. So not only are we helping our Russian clients to purchase the goods they desire but we are also helping your stores sell products.

If you are a seller in the UK then why not recommend our Russian website www.alfaparcel.com to your Russian clients, that way we can then help your clients to buy the goods from your site and also offer them the cheapest shipping from the UK.


Delivery not only to Russia!

Great news! We now offer cost-effective delivery of parcels from the UK not only to Russia but also to other countries.

Now, we do economy shipping to the following countries:

Destination country Approx. delivery time
Russia 2-4 weeks
Ukraine 2-3 weeks
Belarus 2-4 weeks
Kazakhstan 2-5 weeks
Uzbekistan 2-5 weeks
Georgia 2-4 weeks
Azerbaijan 2-4 weeks
Moldova 2-4 weeks
Kirgizstan 2-5 weeks
Tajikistan 2-4 weeks
Armenia 2-4 weeks
Turkmenistan 2-5 weeks


Now, we offer cheap cost-effective delivery from the UK to all these countries. The cost of shipping can be found using the form above.

The address of our warehouse has changed