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О работе Alfaparcel в период ограничений, связанных с коронавирусом.

Dear customers!

Please be advised that we operate in the normal course. There are no changes in our work, and they are not planned. We are closely monitoring the situation and will try to adjust and adapt as we can. For 12 years of work, we have accumulated considerable experience and a margin of safety.

When delivering parcels to Russia, we use the Russian Post branch in Germany, where we deliver our parcels from the UK by surface. At the moment, the Russian Post in Germany is operating as usual, no sanctions have been imposed against it.

At present here is the banned goods list formed as follows:
1. Any goods of gold or other precious metals inclusive of golden coins and gold bars
2. Military and military related goods and military technology 
3. Dual-use goods and technology used for general civil manufacturing purposes that may enable or facilitate the conduct of certain military activities
4. Energy-related goods 
5. Critical-industry goods and technology.
6. Luxury goods.


All these goods types can no longer be shipped to Russia.

The full list of prohibited goods and services can be found here:

Worth mentioning, sanctions does not relate the majority of consumer goods for individuals, such as clothes and shoes.

We will follow the situation closely and may update this page information alongside with list of sanctioned products as it develops.

We are fully operating!