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How it works. Cheap parcel delivery from UK to Russia


What services do we offer?

Here we offer the delivery of parcels from the UK to Russia. Delivery time for these parcels to be delivered is up to 4 weeks; however this is dependent on the Russian Customs. Most of the parcels are delivered within 2 – 3 weeks.
Once the parcel has been received in the territory of the Russian Federation, the Russian Post then delivers the mail.
Each parcel has its own unique tracking number, which you can use to monitor the progress of the delivery; this can be monitored once it has been received on Russian territory. Once it has been received and registered in Russia then you can track these here:
Once Russian territory has received the parcel, the 'Russian post' will then forward this onto the local 'Russian Post' branch where the addressee will then need to collect it from there.
Please note: Once the parcel has been dispatched from our UK depot to be transported to the destination country then it is NOT possible to return the parcel back to the customer.


Collection Times:

The collection times are Monday - Friday between the hours of 9AM - 6PM. 



All parcels must be packed (in a suitable well sealed box) ready for collection, otherwise the driver has the right to refuse this. With plenty of experience, we strongly recommend using double wall boxes to pack parcels going to Russia.


Weight and dimensions


  • Maximum parcel weight is 20kg.
  • Maximum length is 120cm.
  • Maximum parcel volume is 0.17m3.


To work out the cubic meter (m3) of the parcel you need to measure the length, width and height in meters, then multiply them together.
For example: 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m = 0.125m3.


Missed / Failed Collections:

Any missed or failed collections will require a fee of £6.00 to cover costs.


Excluded postcodes for collection:

Northern Ireland, Channel Isles and the following post codes, IM, HS, ZE.



Please, take into consideration that the parcel will be delivered to the Russian Post branch. We strongly recommend that the recipient of the parcel checks its tracking number regularly on the website of Russian Post. It will be possible to collect the parcel once the tracking shows that it has arrived to the post office which is near the recipient's address. The recipient will receive a notification from Russian Post, that it is necessary to collect the parcel from the post office. Such notification will be sent twice. In case the recipient does not collect the parcel after the second notification, after 30 days the parcel will be returned to the branch of Russian Post in Germany, Berlin. After that it will be possible either to send the parcel to Russia once again or destroy it. It will not be possible to send the parcel back to UK. All expenses in this case are the sender's responsibility. Please, do provide the tracking number and above information to the recipient of the parcel.


Insurance claims:

£50 compensation included in the listed prices (per parcel). Only for "lost" parcel.

Please note that mobile phones cannot be insured.
Please take a look at all items that are prohibited from being imported to the Russian Federation, all these items will therefore be excluded from any type of compensation:

Customs rules for import of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation:

Please read http://www.russianpost.ru/rp/servise/en/home/postuslug/internationalmail/custom_regulations

If you are regularly sending parcels to Russia in big quantities please get in touch with us  to discuss possible discount etc.
The address of our warehouse has changed